Success Speaks for Itself

A new build is a blank canvas. It’s a scarless, baggage-free, clean slate — a chance to structure everything you’ve ever wanted exactly right. It should represent you — definitively you, not “almost” you, or “close enough” you — in every crevice.

At Revelstoke, we take it personally.
That’s why we only offer customized solutions. Our powerhouse pros, each a master in their craft, exclusively use materials of the highest quality. We won’t compromise on a single shingle, and we don’t take any shortcuts.

Breathtaking aesthetics are just the beginning.
Revelstoke builds energy efficient, resilient homes to anchor your family for generations. We’re more than order-takers. We’re your strategic partners. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you from concept to completion. Let’s get it done!

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

– John Ruskin


Obsessed with the Details

We’ve all heard horror stories of construction projects gone wrong. Blown budgets, broken promises, cheap material substitutions, poor work performed by under-skilled contractors, just to name a few. These disappointments will peck at you. They’ll cause immense stress and potentially irreparable damage to your valuable investment.

Shabby renovations always fester.
That’s why we’re fully transparent from beginning to end. Revelstoke’s responsive, boots-on-the-ground executive team shepherds every project, ensuring it’s on schedule and on budget. We specialize in significant remodeling assignments that transform, rejuvenate, and upgrade your home. Whether it’s cosmetic, functional, or both, choose the talented, reliable professionals at Revelstoke.

Tell us your hypothetical. We’ll make it attainable.
Ready to tackle your major renovation? Start here.

“Well done is better than well said.”

– Benjamin Franklin